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you are your best investment

If you struggle with:
Life & fulfillment
Professional accomplishments
Unhappiness or negativity
Stress, anxiety, anger, guilt, frustration
Lack of energy
Low self-esteem, self-image or self-doubt
Emotional or behavioural regulation
Low immunity or health issues
Difficulty in relationships
Achieving personal goals
Constant mind chatter
Poor attention and learning
Difficult cognitive functioning
Suffering victimisation or abuse

you are not alone!

are you reaching your full potential?

We all want to be happy and healthy yet a high proportion of the population are not.  But just how significant is happiness in determining the sum of your life?

​Change and challenge are constant companions in our modern world. Despite scientific advancement many live in self-imposed oppression, struggling with mental illness, stress, emotional and behavioural control, immunity, disease, weight, allergies, success, relationships, self-esteem, health and fulfilment.

Forces of Happiness scientifically demystifies life - a unifying theory of mind, body, spirit reinforced by empirical evidence validates the advantages of happiness and positivity that will liberate you to start flowing with life instead of struggling against the current. Plus an all-encompassing step-by-step 12 week overhaul program to launch you into wellness.

You will soon discover the fundamental building blocks of the universe is energy that determines your life.  Hacking the forces of happiness will genetically modify your life from a subatomic level to fundamentally revolutionise your existence and life outcomes; emotions, mind-set, behaviours, health, spirituality, relationships, successes.

​Such knowledge will ultimately restore a deep and profound respect and connection with your authentic self and the universe, allowing you to take control. Reclaiming your power and creativity offers the advantage of the ultimate point of power, superposition, to positively influence future outcomes for an unlimited life!


According to a Harvard Study in 2014, goldfish have a longer attention span than an average person.

9 seconds to our 8!

Consciously cultivating happiness has multifaceted benefits:


  • Improves self-worth, confidence, assertiveness.

  • Eradicates negative self-castigation.

  • Develops positive emotional and behavioural responses.

  • Creates resilience to endure life’s lows and highs.

  • Bolsters physiological and neurophysiological health.

  • Reinforces social and professional successes.

  • Unlocks creativity to better recognise opportunities.

  • Increases longevity and most importantly a better quality of life.

  • Builds upon communication, trust and intimacy for more authentic relationships.

  • Regulates interpersonal intelligence.

  • Increases productivity, offering financial advantages.

are you residing in growth & power or protection & force?

Ignite your power


The field of epidemiology studies patterns, causes, and effects of health and disease proves the "better than any pill" relevance of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle for prevention.  But if the usual health benefits of feeling good and reducing the risk of disease aren't enticing enough to encourage a healthier lifestyle, there is one additional lesser known benefit, which I term the slipstream to abundance and it begins with the most fundamental element of nature... Energy!


Energy is THE key ingredient that forms the basis of this program with a focus on 3 vital elements that work together (holistically) to get you flowing with life.  Movement, good nutrition and positive thought processes combine to significantly increase energy, take control and ultimately amplify self-development for

"Melinda highlighted my power with impactful yet simple tools that nurtured me away from confusion & uncertainty.  In doing so pivoted my career direction, my self-esteem & health that has since extended to

my family' ~

                      Angharad, London UK

We have all been endowed with nature’s astounding gifts; Free-will actionably pursues our desires in dissonance with and enslaving us to our fundamental need for safety and acceptance such that they override our desires.


We live like caged lions, chained, guarded and frustrated; our instinctive spirit and strength is encumbered by the ideology of disciplined conformity of social controls for the majority manifesting as fears.  But fear is just poor regulation of thoughts.


We are taught to pursue and uphold the rights of humanity: of liberty, equality and happiness; subject to sex, age, race, creed, class and sexual orientation precludes such rights.


Our evolutionary intellect is predisposed towards advancing ourselves and in understanding our environment yet we rarely strive beyond mediocrity, in avoidance of responsibility to govern our own successes as well as failures.


We have the capacity for infinite love and connectivity yet are driven by egotism which seeks exclusionist alliances, casting us adrift and abandoned in uncertainty.


We are biologically designed for adaptability, which supports positive health, growth, vitality and longevity yet choose to subdue and ignore our innate guidance system. Instead, we have become complacent with the trappings of convenience, which lead to demise and reaction rather than prevention. 


Why have such gifts when we have chosen to fight against, suppress or ignore them?


Advancement towards our dreams despite failure or adversity sharpens our life's experience and is where real and bold victories are forged and won.

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